Understanding Movement & Motion

Movement is the path a player will follow during a play and it’s defined by a series of waypoints that make up the player’s route. Waypoints are important because they represent a place in the route where something can happen – the player can change direction, speed up or slow down, catch or throw a pass, etc. So, when you’re drawing movement, you’re really defining those places in a player’s route where you want some change or action to occur.

Adding Movement

Draw movement by clicking on the player or waypoint where you want the movement to start then clicking the draw movement icon from the waypoint menu.

Click on the field to draw the movement path, adding waypoints to the route, then click to end movement.

You can extend movement from any waypoint in a player’s route by choosing from its menu.

Removing Movement

To remove a waypoint from a player’s route, click the waypoint and choose from its menu. You can also remove all waypoints in a player’s route by clicking the player’s shape and choosing .

Changing Movement

You can change individual segments of a player’s route by clicking on a waypoint, holding down the mouse button, and dragging it around the field. Each waypoint moves individually unless “Lock Routes” is active in the chalkboard menu at the top of the play designer.

If you move a waypoint when “Lock Routes” is active, all subsequent waypoints will move along with it. This is useful if you want to reposition a player on the field and retain their entire route or move an early cut without impacting the shape of the rest of the player’s route.

Curving Movement

Curve a segment of a player’s route by choosing from the waypoint where you want the curve to start. A guide is added to the field – drag the white circle to position the curve then click to save it.

To change the shape of the curve after it has been created, again click from the originating waypoint then reposition the guide.

Understanding Motion Football Flag Football

Motion is simply movement that happens before the ball is snapped – either on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. Choosing from a waypoint adds motion and motion can be added, removed, changed, and curved just like movement.

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