How to Share Your Plays

The easiest way to share your plays with your players is to create a playbook containing the plays you want to share.  Then, from your playbooks page, click the down arrow at the top left of the playbook and choose Share from […]

How to Remove a Play from the Public Play Library

All plays created using the free play designers go into the public play library.  However, Playart Pro subscribers have the option of making their plays private so they don’t show up in the public play library or on the play […]

Extending Your Subscription

To view your subscription, login to Playart Pro and choose Manage Subscription from the account menu at the top right of any page. Here you’ll see your current subscription status, expiration date, and an option to extend your subscription: Click […]

System Requirements

To use Playart Pro, you’ll need a modern web browser like the newest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. The core play designer is the same for both free and pro subscribers so if you can […]

Using Fields

Fields are pre-built backgrounds for your plays and formations that give you a variety of field positions, player sizes, and field markings to choose from. Like themes, fields are independent from the play/formation itself so you can change the field […]

Content Lists

The admin home page for plays, formations, and playbooks has a grid view of all your content of that type. Clicking on the thumbnail image will take you to the appropriate designer while clicking on will show you a list […]

Designing a New Playbook

To add a new playbook, go to the playbooks home page by clicking Playbooks from the top menu, choose a sport from the menu at the top right of the Playbooks page then click at the top left. Choose a […]

Adding and Removing Players from Plays

Found a great play or formation that you want to copy from the play library but it has the wrong number of players? Removing Players from a Play/Formation Click the player you want to remove then from the waypoint menu. […]

Hiding Plays and Formations

All plays created using the free play designer are shared in the play library. Plays and formations for pro subscribers are also shared in the play and formation libraries but that can be changed. If you want to remove your […]

Changing Player Shape & Colors

With Playart Pro you have complete control over the shape and coloring of your players and their playart (routes, passes, coverage, etc.). Playart coloring is defined by the theme that you choose for your play or formation and you can […]

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