Using Fields

Fields are pre-built backgrounds for your plays and formations that give you a variety of field positions, player sizes, and field markings to choose from. Like themes, fields are independent from the play/formation itself so you can change the field […]

Adding and Removing Players from Plays

Found a great play or formation that you want to copy from the play library but it has the wrong number of players? Removing Players from a Play/Formation Click the player you want to remove then from the waypoint menu. […]

Changing Player Shape & Colors

With Playart Pro you have complete control over the shape and coloring of your players and their playart (routes, passes, coverage, etc.). Playart coloring is defined by the theme that you choose for your play or formation and you can […]

Adding an Opposing Defense/Offense

Pro subscribers can add an animatable defense or offense to their plays and formations by clicking at the top right of the designer. The players on the opposing team can be positioned, animated, and edited just like those on your […]

Play and Formation Images

Access the saved images for plays and formations by clicking at the top left of the play/formation home page. Pro subscribers can also access saved images by clicking at the top left of the play/formation designer and from the action […]

Using the Play Designer

The play designer lets you create complex animated plays and share them in the play library. The fastest way to get up to speed with the play designer is by following the quick start tutorial which takes you through creating […]

Adding Coverage

You can add both zone and man coverage to your defense at the last waypoint of any player’s route. Zone Coverage To add zone coverage, left-click a player’s last waypoint and choose . This will add a zone coverage oval […]

Shooting the Ball / Puck

To add a shot, left-click the last waypoint of the player who has the ball and choose the ball icon. In addition to adding ball icons to every waypoint eligible for a pass there will also be a ball icon […]

Adding Reads

Reads are added and removed in the same way as passes but are triggered using instead of the ball/puck icon. The main difference between reads and passes is that the player on the receiving end of the read won’t stop […]

Passing the Ball / Puck

You can create a pass from either the player who you want to make the pass or the player who you want to receive the pass. (This overview will use basketball but this information applies to all sports.) Passing from […]

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