Changing Speed and Making Players Wait

By default, a player will move from one waypoint to the next at full speed without pausing. To change that default behavior, click from the waypoint menu where you want to change speed or add a pause.

Changing Speed

After clicking , click to show the speed menu. The speed menu shows a selection of percentages with the players current percent speed highlighted in yellow.

Set speed to 100% and the player will move at full speed, 50% and the player will move at half-speed, and so on.

After you change a player’s speed at one waypoint, they’ll travel at that speed for the remainder of their route or until you change their speed at a future waypoint.

Making Players Wait

After clicking , click to show the wait menu. The wait menu shows a selection of times with the players current wait time highlighted in yellow.

Playart Pro will do its best to position a wait in the proper sequence if added to a waypoint that has multiple throws and catches. For best results, clear the waypoint then add the catches, throws, and wait in the order that you want them to occur.

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